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a pumpkin squash soup - delicious!

Ayurvedic Soups

Cooking Class One - Ayurvedic Soups

For centuries, dried p-eas and beans - - now recognized as protein-rich staple foods - - have been a aprt of the Vedic culinary tradition. In India, the generic name for all of the dried pea and bean family, and the dishes made from them, are called. The repertoire of all dishes is so vast that you could make a different one every day for months. the thoughtful cook can select a dish to suit any meal, from breakfast to dinner.

Nutritionists say that all dried beans are rich in iron, vitamin B and substantial amounts of high proteins. The Vedic tradition suggests that to obtain the maximum nutritional value, you should combine them with other protein rich foods like rice and other grains, nuts or yogurt.

The sauteed seasoning used in these recipes called "chaunce" is especially important with dals because it stimulates the digestive processes and enhances the flavor, aroma and appearance of the dish. In the Western diet, many people have a hard time digesting beans, especially those individuals with stomach issues, but in the Ayurvedic system the ginger, chilis, and other spices stimulate the fire in the digestion tract, and therefore make it easy to digest beans and peas of all kinds.

The recipes in the Ayurvedic Soup series class are easy to cook, once you organize your kitchen and place the spices in a spice drawer close to your stove. Quick preparation also means to get out everything you need for the recipe in advance and organize them. Chop your ingredients that need to be chopped, get out your oils abd spices ahead of time, just as you would pre-prepare any cooking project in your kitchen.

Enjoy the heavenly aromas, textures, and colors that await you whilee preparing these tasty and delicious recipes. You can pride yourself as well on the added health benefits you will acquire by eating these soups as they contribute to your vitality. And nothing beats the pleasure of making something in your home kitchen to give to you family and friends, who will praise the cook and celebrate the food you prepare.

Always remember to bless your food while preparing it and before eating it. Visualize the healing power of these ancient recipes. They are as sacred as you and your loved ones are.

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