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A Beautiful Hair Regime

My criteria for finding quality products is (1) that their ingredients are natural, as free of synthetic chemicals as possible, (2) they give you healthy and long lasting results, and (3) that the products are not tested on animals.

One of my biggest challenges has been convincing people to use a “conditioner” if they altered their hair in any way, even by using heat like curlers and blow dryers. Because so many people believe that conditioning their hair leaves it too soft or limp, I had to convince them that using the correct conditioners will give hair full body and shine. (I am not talking about drug or grocery store products, or an all-in-one shampoo and conditioner (impossible), but a natural product that gives integrity to the hair.)

Cleanse and Shampoo

The hair and scalp are healthier if shampooed and stimulated daily with organic products that cleanse, nourish and protect. This is quite contrary to the common idea that says if you wash your hair too often, your natural oils will be lost. The hair and scalp need daily cleansing just like our teeth and skin. If you can’t do this, every other day will suffice. That’s a minimum, at least three times a week, if no other scalp or hair problems are present.

Of course, if the process is done with a chemically-derived shampoo, not only will the hair tend to be dry, but the scalp could also remain flaky or irritated. To have ultimate hair, shampooing daily using all natural products is the best system. Shampure by Aveda has 17 essential oils and gives the most nourishment, especially for colored, permed or naturally curly hair. KeraPro by Joico is another. Aveda’s Blue Malva is luscious for all hair types.

Men should definitely shampoo daily because of more highly activated sebaceous glands. The buildup of oil on the scalp and lack of stimulation leads directly to hair loss. A jojoba shampoo is great for men, especially the one by Joico, if they have any scalp problems. Or use one of Aveda’s shampoos and add their infusion for problem scalp. Men also love Aveda’s Blue Malva.

Nourish - Protein and Moisture

Protein - The hair is composed of 97% protein and 3% moisture. Protein is the only element that can achieve body, strength, strong elasticity. It also heals damaged hair as well as create permanent shine. Protein is the only product that can make hair grow back after hair loss as well as grow healthy hair in weak areas where it just doesn’t seem to grow. Protein is the miracle cure of hair products.

The protein we are talking about comes from two sources – either from animals [hooves, feathers, etc.] or liquefied human hair. Protein derived from animal sources is much harsher and drier on the hair than human hair protein, although it will work. Joico was the first to develop human-hair protein products, called K-Pak. This is the most marvelous product! I have seen more results in damaged hair with this than any other product on the market. Redken was the first to use animal protein. Aveda’s protein product is called Curresence. These products are not diluted with water as are most product lines. Protein makes the hair strong and shiny, but without combining with a moisturizer, it can make hair appear dry.

Moisture - A hair moisturizer’s primary purpose is to cure dryness. These products help the hair curl better and leave the hair feeling very soft. Overuse can make the hair feel limp, but proper moisturizers are essential for balance. I have found Damage Remedy Intensive Reconstruct by Aveda to be the most effective moisturizers, plus it has such a wonderful smell and does leave hair limp. Moisturizes by Joico and Redken are also very good.

For your specific hair prescription answer Elaine's Hair Analysis Questionairre.

Recommendations for Hair Types

Find your hair type, and follow the instructions below:

For Natural Unaltered Hair - Protein and moisture can be used together two to three times per week as a preventive measure and to add body, shine and manageability.

For Naturally Curly Hair - If uncolored and unpermed, curly hair needs moisture with every shampoo because of its tendency to be dry and frizzy. Protein may be used twice a week for shine.

For Colored and/or Permed Hair - Protein and moisture must be mixed together as a treatment with each shampooing, and once a week, the moisture must be left on the hair for at least 15 minutes to control dryness.

For Fine/Limp Hair (natural or chemically treated) - Protein is necessary daily for body and strength, with moisture added every other time. Generally this type of hair is more fragile, and the protein is a lifesaver along with some firmer styling gel.

For Chemically Treated Hair - Protein and moisture really are necessary daily for strength, elasticity and to control dryness.

Protect Leave-in Products

These products are essential for body, manageability, shine, protection from environmental pollutants, protection from heat caused by curling irons, blow dryers, rollers, etc. They are a must for styling purposes. Many combinations may be used, and there are many products designed to produce different results.

  • Gels –for body, control and holding power
  • Leave-in moisturizers – for curl, dryness and a softer texture
  • Pomades – for control and shine
  • Hair sprays – for control and long-term holding power

Product Recommendations

AVEDA - made from plant and flower essences and aromatherapy
JOICO - made from human hair protein  
REDKEN - made from wheat protein and avocado oil
NEXUS - based on protein - also has an organic line
LANZA - protein 
PUREOLOGY - plant-base

  Elaine Dodson Beauty and Wellness