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A Beautiful Skin Regime

Department Store Cosmetics

Most department store cosmetic products, especially the more expensive ones, are full of chemicals. I find it odd that paying more does not guarantee quality in this area. I realize there are so are many products and each has its own marketing hype, but if your goal is healthy skin, your criteria must change from “natural” to “organic.”

The skin is the body’s largest organ, and it is just like a sponge, absorbing everything you apply to it. Because of the capillary action of the blood vessels, foreign substances and chemicals can be absorbed into the bloodstream This toxic absorption create all types of problems and allergies. It also forces the body’s organs and internal systems for purification to work harder. The slow day-to-day intake of topically applied substances eventually creates long-term health issues. Beware of the word “natural,” all product lines have a few “natural” ingredients mixed with all their synthetics, alcohol, perfumes and chemicals. “Natural” doesn’t really mean anything.

There are really very few secrets to having wonderfully young, moist skin. The first is a healthy, wholesome diet of grains, fresh fruits, vegetables and clean water to drink. In addition, try to do yoga or some exercise regime to keep the oxygen and blood flow to the skin. Supplement your diet with regenerative herbs, vitamins or minerals.

Aveda Products

I have been using Aveda’s aromatherapy-based skincare product line for daily maintenance for years, and I believe it is the best value on the market. Aveda’s products are high quality, grown organically and formulated from the essences of plants and flowers to be anti-fungal and anti-bacterial. They make your skin younger looking because they are healing, firming, toning and protect your skin. Just smelling those luscious aromas is always a treat. I have had hundreds of clients of all ages who achieved remarkable results using this natural regime.

It is so very important is to have clean, fresh skin daily. The skin needs to breathe. Many women get in the habit of not washing their skin before they go to bed for one reason of another, and this is not acceptable in a healthy skin regime. Washing the skin with an organic cleanser is important both morning and evening, and it only takes a few minutes to do your complete skin care program. If you just make that part of your normal disciplines, the difference is astonishing The key ingredients are a healthy, organic skin care system that works harmoniously to heal, firm, tone, and most important, MOISTURIZE, the skin. After 40, a bit more care must be taken. Wrinkles become more prominent if not dealt with immediately.

Daily Peel

I believe that a good, natural, light daily peel is the most effective and natural way to work with wrinkles. Many lines now have products that contain alpha hydroxy acids, a combination of three fruit acids, that have been proven to naturally help slow down your skin’s aging process and improve its texture. This is a remarkable aid in regeneration. I have tried many and have found several that work very well. For example, Beauti-Control Cosmetics has a group of products called Liquid Gold that you can wear under your makeup and also use at night. You will notice a difference after one month. It will remove all the lines that you see over a period of time by removing the dead skin, layer by layer.


Your skin MUST have moisture applied at a minimum of twice a day and more if needed. What is moisture? Moisture is water, not oil, as many people believe. Because water cannot benefit you without a carrier to push the water into your skin, or to hold the water on your skin, a product designed for that purpose needs to be used. The purpose of a good natural moisture cream or lotion is to keep the skin from being DRY: Dry skin wrinkles, period!!!!!! Find a person that stays out in the sun a lot and does not have a skin protection and care system, and you will see a person with skin aged far more than her years. Usually very deep wrinkles are there. For the most part, wrinkles are simply a buildup of dead skin, and skin that is extremely thirsty for some good moisture.

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