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Paths to Beauty and Wellness

This website is a Mind, Body and Beauty guide containing a wealth of secrets, tips and techniques, along with the scientific concepts upon which they are based. Elaine Dodson has developed this material over forty years of study, research, and personal application as a successful practitioner in the areas of beauty, health, rejuvenation and longevity. This website is the product and the coalescence of these ideas into a Holistic Guide for all women, no matter what their age, to LOOK GREAT and FEEL GREAT! If you have made the choice to take responsibility for your health, to stay well, and to look and feel your best, this website is for you.

Join me in this miraculous experience of discovering all the possibilities we have to create beauty, health and balance in our lives. Once you tap into this vortex of unending information, you will join the networks that have stepped into another realm of living.

You will learn:

  • A quick and easy "Look Fabulous in Minutes" - a makeup technique that, no matter what your age, will be useful for the rest of your life. And, if you are “of a certain age,” will
  • How to have healthy, shiny, moist & youthful hair and skin
  • That maintenance of your body can be fun and healing
  • A personalized, healthy and tasty diet.
  • Why so many people choose vegetarianism as a way of life.
  • That the eating and preparation of food is a sacred experience.
  • Preventive health, and how to get in touch with your body and nurture it. Wellness is the choice!!
  • How the mind and body act together, and that every thought affects your physical well being.
  • Motivation for getting in touch with your spirit, to meditate or pray, and to actively find your spiritual path.
  • That all of these goals and activities can be a fun, adventurous, and powerful experience that will certainly change the way you look at yourself and your world.
  Elaine Dodson Beauty & Wellness  
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