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Chemicals and Beauty Products

Synthetic Products

  • Most of the cosmetics that are commonly available are synthetic.
  • Department store and drug store cosmetics are not natural, some are very expensive, and they are putting unhealthy mixtures of synthetic substances into your body.
  • The skin acts like a sponge and absorbs whatever is put on it.
  • Many thousands of people now have all types of allergies from just this problem, not even thinking about the chemical soaps they use to bath in and all the other toxins they are absorbing.

Beauty, pride and pig-grease - by Sandi Mitchell, Ph.D

Shocking as this article may be, it's necessary for you to read it!

Are we still the naive nation we once were? I think not! Until recent years, we meekly developed the custom of being followers and did not question the integrity of our leaders and especially those who have set themselves up as protectors of our health.

Has the pendulum now swung the other way? Have we now become a nation of suspicion? I think so, and with good reason. Not necessarily because we enjoy being watchdogs, but because of self-preservation!

One case in point in which millions are directly involved on a daily basis are rendering plants. Not many have ever heard of a rendering plant, let alone known what products gain their origin from these plants! Have you ever noticed a dead dog, cat, skunk or opossum that has been killed on the highway? Well, a rendering plant is a collection center for all kinds of dead animals. Carcasses of every variety are hauled to the plant daily. Huge supplies of the decaying bodies come from everywhere, including farms where disease has decimated herds of swine, cattle and other domestic animals.

Sickening Thought

At the plant, the bodies an: all dump together into a huge cooking pot which generates intense heat. After a certain period of cooking, the bodies are subjected to a process of extreme pressure in order to extract the fat from bones, skins, etc. Old cooking grease picked up from restaurants is also added in the pot. It is the rendered fat that constitutes the final product of the plant.

One can imagine the horrible stench of the diseased and decaying conglomeration of cooking carcasses. But the thing that astonishes me the most is the way in which the extracted grease is utilized. The great majority of the product is sold for women's makeup, especially to manufacturers of lipstick and eye makeup. Some of the most prestigious cosmetic companies in the country are the chief customers of rendering plants. Anyone looking at the elegant ads portraying glamorous models wearing beautiful "makeup" would never suspect even a hint of the refined, colored and properly perfumed oil being derived from skunk, opossum or pig! How much of this abominable blend do you suppose has been ingested into the body from the lips and the pores of the skin? Should we not be aware of the content not only of what enters the mouth but also what soaks in through the pores of the skin?

After reading this article you can now understand that the skin is an open sponge and whatever you put on it, you put IN IT!!!!!!!!! Once you get this most crucial point, you will never again buy skin care products, make up or soaps without first reading labels. You may say that you even if you read the labels, you would not understand them. You can buy a small book or pamphlet that tells all cosmetic ingredients. If you are not so inclined, then buy all organic products like Aveda. They are wonderful and you can be sure of their integrity. Because these are professional salon products, they work wonderfully. And you can go to their salons for help.. There are other organic lines like Aubrey Organics that you can buy in a health food store. The main thing you need though is a system that works together. Not bits and pieces from a lot of lines. It will not work.

Most department store lines such as La Prairie, Clinique, Estee Lauder and Erno Lazlo are very expensive and contain so many un natural ingredients such as discarded animal waste, urea(horse urine), sweat from sheep, heavy oils, alcohol, perfumes, steriods, petroleum derivatives e.t.c. The marketing hype is SHOCKING!!!!! If you only knew how you are abused by the marketing you would be angry. You cannot believe that all these products are good for your skin. When I was a practicing esthetician (skin care specialist), I went to the large shows in England often with all the skin care experts from dermotogists to plastic surgeons. I always left disappointed at all the lies and hype.

Eventually, I had to quit doing business in that way for it had no integrity. I then pursued the truth, which led me to natural.-organic products that are good for you, are much less costly and actually help to keep your skin f rom aging.For twenty five years now pursing the natural route, I have observed all my clients and friends on the natural systems and they look years younger. Most people always guess me at least ten years younger than I am, and I am convinced that the healthy route leads to longevity. I heard horror stories about the doctor that invented Retin-a.

I heard his wife is a total invalid form the sun now and can never go outside because of all her treatments in this most un-natural product. Yes, it has vitamin A, but you must know it contains other ingredients. I could always tell when a client would come to me that had used this product. Their skin was excessively damaged, dry, red and flaky.

We are all looking for beautiful young skin that is moist and without lines. I can give you some great tips on how to obtain this. I guarantee if you will try this, your skin will change drastically, for the better, and will continue to do so.

  Elaine Dodson Beauty & Wellness