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Hair Analysis Questionnaire

Do you want shiny, full, healthy hair? Elaine Dodson has 40 years experience as certified Trichologist (hair and scalp therapy). As part of her extensive services in her award winning day spas she has studied and analyzed thousands of hair types, problems and conditions.

All product recommendations are based on organic, nature based and scientifically developed products that are healthy for you and your hair and scalp.

Complete the form below and submit for your online hair analysis for the hair would like to have. Your answers will be based on your current hair condition.*

Prior history doesn’t apply.

Please select a "Yes" or "No" button to the right of each question. Answer as many as possible so that I may help you with your specific hair conditions. And add a comment if you like. Then press the "Submit" button at the bottom of the chart. I will be in contact with you shortly. Yes or No
Do you have naturally curly hair? yes no
Do you have colored/highlighted hair? yes no
Do you have permed hair? yes no
Do you have fine or limp hair?

yes no
Do you hair have damage from sun, over coloring, perms, etc..?

yes no
Do you consider your hair unhealthy? yes no
Do you have scalp problems (i.e. dandruff, dry scalp, psoriasis)? yes no
Do you have hair loss? yes no
Do you use a curling iron, straight iron, or blow dryer to style your hair?

yes no
Comments: Describe your hair problems.  

*The online hair prescription emailed to you is based on the answers you provide to the above questions. Elaine Dodson cannot be held accountable for damage to your hair based on product usage and answers you provided.

** In order to better assist you, we must have an email address where we can reach you. Your Online Hair Prescription will be emailed to you. If you would like further analysis you can mail a hair clipping to Elaine Dodson and get the results of your protein and moisture content, which will make your prescription custom to you.

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