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Nutrition For The Hair

Protein drinks, all nuts (peanuts, almonds, cashews, sesame seeds), peanut butter, beans, legumes, avocados and soy products (tofu, tahini, miso) are all great sources of meatless protein. Don’t worry about getting enough protein without meat - 12 raw almonds a day will supply an adult’s protein requirement.

All vegetables contain beneficial nutrients for your hair as do all grains and fruits. Dairy products should be used sparingly and should come from naturally-fed cows. Organically-grown foods are rich in nutrition as well.

Healthy Food

Shop at health food stores. Start eating fresh, clean wholesome foods, all organic when possible. Let go of the greasy, fried, fast food or processed foods. When you eat out, eat at health food restaurants or places that advocate health.


Drink fresh ozonated, bottled water, never tap water. Find the best and cleanest bottled water in your area and use that. Drink enough to keep your system cleaned out. I recommend ozonated water because it is alive.

Cleaning Out

Take a natural laxative, such as physillum husks, to start the cleansing process and use as a backup when needed.


A complete vitamin-mineral supplement is necessary during this period of transition. Supplements should always be bought in a health food store and be made from natural sources only. Synthetic vitamins give little benefit. There are many natural source brands available, but do some research. Shaklee, Sunrider, Mega-Food, Complete Nutritional Systems and Nature’s Plus are a few of the good brands. Because our food is so depleted, it is impossible to get enough balanced nutrients from our food. Even if you are one to take only herbal products, we see better results in the beginning with regular vitamin and mineral supplements. Most of these leading brands now have vitamin-mineral supplements just for hair.

Relaxation and Meditation

Bodywork and all types of relaxing massage are a big aid in hair loss. Relaxing the body creates healthy blood flow and circulation, which is a must for healthy hair and skin. Any type of activity such as yoga, stretching, and walking is good for the body and the mind. Many people practice different types of meditation or visualization techniques to control the mind and relax. A good, restful night’s sleep is the best treatment of all for your hair.

In addition, a positive attitude gives much benefit. Know that the program I have outlined here will give improvement, and it will. A negative person gets little benefit from any practice.

A Final Word

Since the hair is made of protein and moisture, the best thing to apply topically is protein and moisture. Protein is the only product that can reconstruct the hair. There are two types of protein for the hair, as I discussed before. I recommend the protein made from liquefied human hair, called “keratin.” Most products claiming that they are protein products have insufficient quantities of protein. The products I have recommended above are pure protein and not watered down. There may be others. Read the labels.

I have developed these treatment regimes over the past 30 years working with clients in my beauty salons. These treatments for different types of hair really work. I think they are my biggest beauty secret. Make use of them and enjoy healthy, beautiful hair.

  Elaine Dodson Beauty and Wellness