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Healthy Eating and Cooking Services

Cooking Class:
3 hour class includes cooking, theory, body types and taster party
Price Varies

Healthy Eating Shopping Tour:
Private or Group Shopping Tour to Whole Foods Market, Central and Taj Mahal Imports Indian Store

*This shopping adventure will educate you on the healthiest and tastiest products and produce for you and your family. day tour (lunch optional).

Healthy Kitchen Makeover:
On-site analysis of the products, produce and kitchenware used for cooking. Includes replacement recommendations
$75.00 per hour with a two hour minimum

Private Consultations:
Create a healthy eating plan, which includes discovering your body type, dining and product recommendations

*Consultations are in the studio of Elaine Dodson. Offsite available for an additional $75 fee.

Cooking Retreats:
Ayurvedic Immersion, cooking, theory, body types, 3 daily meals, plus much more. Customized based on location and focus
Price Varies

Private Home Cooking Party
Minimum of 10 participants, maximum of 20. Includes theory, body types, cooking and taster party
$75 per participant

Seminars - Presentations - Events
- "Regeneration from the Inside Out: The Key to Healthy Aging"
- "Look Fabulous in Minutes"
- "The Sacred Power of Beauty"

Contact Elaine Dodson for any questions, pricing or group rates.
Phone: 214.948.7266
or email: elainedodson@sacredjourneyretreats.com

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