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Look Fabulous in Minutes Makeup Technique ™

Welcome to LOOK FABULOUS IN MINUTES™… great makeup techniques that are simple to learn, fun to do, suitable for all ages and can make you look better than you might imagine.

LOOK FABULOUS IN MINUTES™ creates a very natural look that adds harmony and balance to your features, accenting your beauty, softness and color.

It's also very versatile. With just simple variations, you can create different looks- classic, professional, glamorous... even theatrical! It's also fun and creative; you get to be the artist painting your own masterpiece.

Just as important, LOOK FABULOUS IN MINUTES™ techniques will save you time and money. Instead of spending hundreds of dollars on makeup products, you'll be able to create a terrific look with just a few essential items. It's easy to learn and easy to duplicate day after day... in just 5 to 15 minutes.

Make up is an Illusion that assists us in transforming ourselves in minutes. It creates harmony and balance to the features and adds the Feminine aspects of Beauty, Softness, and Color. Proper makeup effects are vital to one’s total appearance, as the face is the key to our expression. This system will be Fun, save you time, be more economical, and you will look Fabulous. How fortunate we are to be Ladies, allowed these wonderful tools to alter our appearance, create Magic, Mystery and Allure.

Among the many areas of benefit one can obtain are:

To have personal power - the total look is professional hair, makeup and wardrobe. Generally women neglect to have a finished makeup look. Have you ever had a private makeup class or are you like everyone else who learned from watching mom, sister, from a magazine or at a department store makeup counter? This is the class for you!

One Technique suitable for all ages: The Makeup System I have created is not limited to any particular age or bone structure. Because it is a Scientific system, divided into 8 basic steps, all females from the ages 12-100 can benefit from it.

Simplicity: This process has been designed for simplicity. It has been broken down into quick and easy steps that can be learned rapidly and duplicated every day and for any occasion.

Time: You will learn a technique that always can be repeated anywhere between 5-15 minutes. Having a definite plan always saves time. Every day application is a must, for one develops confidence and builds speed with practice. Soon it becomes natural and a part of daily routine, so you can always look attractive.

Money: Women often spend hundreds of dollars on Makeup products that they never use. Either they do not know how to correctly apply the products, or the colors are not right. This System requires only a few items that are necessary to it, and teaches you to utilize much of what you have at home.

Versatility: This technique can be used to create many looks by intensity of color. It can be modified to go Classic, Professional, Glamorous, or even Theatrical. The basic technique remains the same, but as your Mood dictates, you can dramatically change for the occasion.

Fun and Creative: This technique’s many virtues make it so enjoyable. The Transformation you see in yourself is so dramatic, quick, and consistent, that “Make up Time” becomes a pleasure. The Technique can allow the use of bolder, brighter colors and more expressive freedom, due to the built-in balance of its integrated system. You are the Artist, creating a work of art.

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