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Prescriptions for Hair Loss

Because premature hair loss has been a problem with so many people, it became a big focus of my studies over the past 25 years. I observed my clients and studied their specific challenges in this area. I experimented with various systems of hair care, vitamin and herbal programs, diets, exercise, and even meditation and relaxation techniques.

I always found common links to hair loss in almost everyone. Working with many nutritionists, holistic doctors and hair-analysis specialists, I finally came up with a program that works for every person that was disciplined enough to keep it up. My final confirmation came after working with patients during their chemotherapy treatments.

Some Reasons For Hair Loss

Chemotherapy: This toxic medical treatment is almost certain to create not only hair loss, but many times cause complete baldness. We had amazing results with many people just putting them on a healthy, balanced system. One special client that had been in chemotherapy for three years was our greatest challenge and greatest accomplishment.

Sebum: A main reason for men’s hair loss is too much sebum (oil) on the scalp that prevents the scalp from breathing, and causes the hair follicle to fall out. There are aromatherapy treatments for the scalp to use each day to keep the scalp clean. Also the use of protein to make the hair stronger, and moisture to keep it from becoming dry are effective in this situation.

There are many reasons for hair loss including: improper diet, vitamin and mineral deficiencies, thyroid problems, medication, stress, surgery, hereditary influences, chemical damage, harsh products, recreational drugs, a buildup of sebum on the scalp, etc.

Heredity: I have seen hair loss reversed in most people I encountered in my spas through this simple program of paying attention to the areas mentioned below. I have found that even hereditary baldness can be prevented. As I mentioned before I witnessed many patients in chemotherapy keeping their hair and not using a wig. Here are the recommended areas and products to focus on that have always worked for those who made the necessary changes in their lifestyle.

Suggestions to stop hair loss:

  • Daily stimulation of the scalp and cleanliness of the scalp
  • Nourishment with protein and moisture and aromatherapy oils
  • Natural herbs and vitamin supplements (A, B, D, E)
  • Whole foods diet emphasizing fresh foods
  • Add natural protein to your diet (nuts, seeds, grains, soy, avocado, beans, drinks)
  • Relaxation, body work, aromatherapy
  • Natural laxatives to aid regularity and remove toxins

For information about ways to prevent hair loss see Nutrition for the Hair.

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