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My Regeneration Experiences

Elaine DodsonIn my day spa and in my salons, I introduced regeneration as both a philosophy and a daily practice. We used only organic products for hair, skin and total body care services, and introduced our clients to many new types of natural, non-invasive. anti-aging treatments. We exposed them to all the possibilities of a healthy diet delicious. We had an Ayurvedic doctor on staff, an aromatherapist, massage and reflexology therapists, and I referred clients to other professionals in the areas of mind, body and spirit. Our salon also taught yoga and meditation, and, at one time, I even employed an astrologer for the clients’ use. I believe that whatever tools are available to awaken the mind to the world of possibility should be used.

In my years working with clients and implementing my philosophy of regeneration, I observed transformations in literally thousands of people. I observed their personal habits of health and self-care at the start, and then noticed a radical change in the ones that became disciplined and started treating their bodies like a temple.

Because many customers stayed in my care for decades, my staff and I ended up taking care of the whole family. I noticed that the clients that only came for beauty and did not do any maintenance at home always aged much more rapidly than those who were actively involved in their process. I think it shows that regeneration will not happen without discipline. Keep your mind inspired and alert. Explore all the wonderful health products, as you need them.

As I am over 60, I have experienced how aging affects physical and mental attitudes, not that the two areas can be divided. Thank God for the brilliant light Deepak Chopra shed on this subject. I know most of us never realized that our thoughts could not only affect our moods and emotions, but actually determine our health and aging process. For those of us that have gotten that realization, what a lot of work it is to reprogram our mental computer and replace all the outmoded and useless data that is in our brains. It is a long and sometimes emotional experience, but well worth the effort.

The masses of human beings who are taking responsibility for their lives in this new millennium are searching for alternatives. Even amidst all the “junk information” that is out there, the idea of paying more attention to wellness is getting good press. Much of the good information that is emerging now is not new, but centuries old. The regeneration diets and health practices from India, China and Japan, are being studied and implemented into many of our daily lives.

The road to health and rejuvenation through regeneration is not complicated, but, most of all, it is in our attitude. With a joyful and positive attitude, one remains younger in body, mind and spirit. With a zest for life, healthy endorphins are present, feeding the brain with vitality and life.

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