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Cooking Services

Cooking For The GuruCooking For The Guru - A Karma-Free Diet by Elaine Dodson
$29.95 includes shipping costs

Ayurveda feeds your body, mind, and spirit. In her beautiful new book, Elaine Dodson shows you how to bring Ayurvedic cooking into your own kitchen easily and deliciously! Your stomach will thank you.” ~ Lisa Coffey, author of What's Your Dosha, Baby? Discover the Vedic Way For Compatibility in Life and Love.

Cooking For The Guru
Ayurveda Cooking Class:
Three hour class includes cooking, theory, body types and taster party

Cooking For The Guru
Healthy Kitchen Makeover: On-site analysis of the products, produce and kitchenware used for cooking. Includes replacement recommendations
$75 per hour minimum of two hours

Cooking For The Guru
Healthy Shopping Tour: Private or Group Shopping Tour to Whole Foods Market, Central and Taj Mahal Imports Indian Store.

Cooking For The Guru
Private Consultation: Create a healthy eating plan, which includes discovering your body type, dining and product recommendations.

Beauty Services

Cooking For The Guru
Image Consultation: Two hour private evaluation, which includes creating a plan for hair, makeup, skin care, wardrobe and color analysis — The Healthy Way

Cooking For The Guru
Skin Care Consultation: Skin analysis, diet recommendations and natural/organic product recommendations

Cooking For The Guru
Scientific Hair Analysis: Hair test on machine and prescription for specific healthy natural organic products

Cooking For The Guru
Color Analysis: Discovering your most flattering colors using fabrics and Color Me Beautiful System

Cooking For The Guru
Elaine Dodson “Look Fabulous in Minutes Makeup Technique™": Works for women from 12 to 90—quick and easy. Take home packet with techniques.

Cooking For The Guru
Total Makeover: Consultation and hands on for hair, makeup, skin care, wardrobe, color analysis and diet recommendations. 6 to 8 hour consultation.
$500.00 Special Reduced Price (Regularly $800.00)

Cooking For The Guru
Hair Cut: Defining your style consultation and hairstyling includes a hands-on class.
First Visit $125.00

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