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"as a man thinketh,
so he is"
— a Chinese Hunza proverb

Stay Younger Longer

In this world, nothing stays the same – change is the only constant. While that is undeniably true, you must also admit that change, particularly change that relates to the body’s appearance and its state of health, can go in either direction. Things can go up or down; we can regenerate or degenerate. It depends on your desire and commitment.

I know that many would disagree. Our culture says that aging is just a normal and inevitable part of life. We think that it is normal for skin to age, to get slack, spotted, and wrinkled. We accept the idea that because of advancing years, we must look and feel old. We accept that we will become ill from some disease or another, and that we will probably develop some chronic infirmity of old age. We expect a mental decline and that we will just slow down. We are convinced that this process is inevitable.

The Hunza are a tribe of fair-skinned and light-haired people living in Pakistan, near the border with China. They commonly live to the age of 100, many up to 125, and remain active, vital and youthful in mind and body. Why? Have you ever heard the saying “as a man thinketh, so he is”? The Hunza believe that age is not a degenerative condition. They also maintain an active and healthy lifestyle.

Because of the influence of our culture of youth promulgated by the media, we do not understand that there is so much we can do to retard the process, and not just cosmetically. We can regenerate our body and actually create a younger self on the cellular level. As we age, many of us sit more, eat more, exercise less, read less and basically become inactive, physically, mentally and spiritually. Make a fresh start today and take responsibility for your own health and longevity.


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