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Tips for Conscious Eating
by Dr. Deepak Chopra "Perfect Health"

  • Foods need to be freshly prepared daily.
  • Food needs to be hot (usually cooked).
  • Food needs to be tasty and easy to digest.
  • Food should be eaten slowly.
  • Never eat when you are upset.
  • Eating should not be long and drawn out.
  • Always sit down to a meal, not standing or sitting in your car.
  • Avoid ice-cold food and drinks.
  • Don’t talk while chewing your food.
  • Breakfast should be the smallest meal of your day.
  • Dinner should be a modest meal.
  • Minimize raw foods, too hard to digest
  • Try to eat around the same times every day.
  • If you must drink when you eat, sip warm water with your food.
  • Do not cook with honey - it turns into poison when heated
  • Food needs to be eaten in a proper amount . . . . not too much, not too little.
  • Leave one third to one quarter of your stomach empty.
  • Food needs to be eaten on an empty stomach, after your last meal has been digested.
  • Foods need to work together and not contradict each other
  • Foods need to be eaten in pleasant peaceful surroundings.
  • If you drink milk, it must be heated and separate from meals.
  • Foods need to be eaten with focus, not while you are doing business, etc.
  • Only eat food that is nourishing. Your body is your temple.
  • Have your largest meal at lunch when digestion is the strongest.
  • Avoid eating at night, which disturbs your digestive rhythms and your sleep.
  • Avoid negative emotions at meal times, especially the cooks or whoever you are dining with.
  • Sit quietly for a few minutes after your meal.
  • Be grateful for natures’ unending gift of food and respect it as you do yourself.
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